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I thought I would share a little info about trading links.

Many of your sites have a whole page dedicated to external links (which take users to pages on a different site, as opposed to internal links which take them to pages within the same site). This helps confine links to a single page, instead of peppering the site with links that will prompt visitors to leave. Links pages are fairly simple to create, as very little is needed except for the links themselves. The less attention you draw to the links page, the better. After all, the whole goal of a site is to keep traffic there, not to drive it away. When using link trading as a means of advertising your site, it’s a good idea to have a links page. This way, you can be sure to uphold all your trading agreements and still keep the arrangement of your own site intact.

Link trading is easy. Sites that you enter into link trading agreements with are going to want confirmation. Once you’ve placed their link on your site, you’ll usually be obliged to provide them with the link to the page where their information appears. They should do the same for you, giving you the chance to verify with your own eyes that your link has indeed been placed within their pages.

Reputation is always important. Make sure to follow all the terms of the agreement, including any necessary follow-ups for link verification. Confirm for yourself that your link is working properly and that it takes traffic to the page you want them to see. After the links are placed and confirmations are made, there’s absolutely nothing else to do. The entire process can take as little as five minutes to complete, which is part of the reason link trading is so attractive.

Also, make sure your link partners have something to do with the content of your site.  Incoming links are important to search engines and will help increase your ranking on a results page but don’t trade links for the sole purpose of adding another link to your links page.  It should be a link of value to your visitors.

If you have a links page, lets add some people to it.  If you don’t have a links page, let’s build one.

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