Post Closing course approved in District of Columbia

Learntitle has had another course approved in the District of Columbia:

The Closing is Over but What About the Post Closing

This course is approved for 1 credit.
The following is an outline of what will be covered in the course:

Eye on the Prize/ Get it Closed

  1. Fiduciary Responsibility / Commitments
  2. Disbursements
  3. Risk Factors

What Is Post-Closing? 

  1. Recordings
  2. Money
  3. Lien Release and Trustee Services
  4. Original Documents
  5. Culture – the details

Recording – Priority  

  1. Importance of Immediate Recordation
    1. Compliance
    2. Policy Liability / Gap
    3. Customer Satisfaction
    4. Underwriter Relationship
    5. Minimize Title Liability
    6. Supports prompt funding
    7. What is E-Recording? How does it help?

Follow the Money

  1. Payoffs
  2. Insurance, Taxes, High Risk Items
  3. Good Funds vs. Collected Funds


  1. 3 way reconciliation
  2. Consumer funds
  3. Balance in Files
  4. Fraud
  5. Security
  6. Escheat
  7. Protecting consumer funds

Lien Release Tracking

  1. Have a process
  2. Follow through
  3. What to do when you can’t wrap it up


  1. How does it all work?
  2. Curative
  3. Settlement

The Challenge of Change

  1. Getting Staff buy in
  2. Creating a culture that supports thorough post-closing processes

Presenting this course are:

Vicki DiPasquale
National Sales Manager
Liz Tanner
Tanner Law, Ltd.
Final Trac
16B Gooding Ave,
Bristol RI 02809
(401) 253-7854

Easements: Defined and Illustrated

3 Credits
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This course covers all aspects of easments as they relate to title insurance. Types of easements, creation of easements, and several court cases pertaining to easements are included. When finished with this course you will be confident preparing your commitment when easements are involved.

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The Presenter is

Wendy Lathrop

Wendy Lathrop, PLS, CFM is president and owner of Cadastral Consulting, LLC, licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, and as a Professional Planner in New Jersey. She is also a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) through the Association of State Flood Plain Managers.  Wendy has been involved since 1974 in surveying projects ranging from construction to boundary to environmental land use disputes. She has been teaching seminars for surveyors across the country since 1986 and has been writing articles for surveyors since 1983.  Wendy is a contributing editor for The American Surveyor magazine, and has two articles included in the American Bar Association’s text, “Land Surveys: A Guide for Lawyers and Other Professionals.”

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