CFPB mortgage servicing rules

The CFPB has released its proposed mortgage servicing rules.  The proposals consist of a Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) rule and a Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) rule Comments on the proposals will be due by October 9, 2012.  

Take a look at the documents and let the CFPB know what you think.

Participate in the formal comment process by going to (TILA Servicing or RESPA servicing) to send us your comments, or

Visit our partner, the Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative, to read other summaries of the rules on and participate in an on-line conversation about them. Cornell will share with us a summary of the feedback that you and others provide.


201208_cfpb_tila_proposed_rules.pdf Download this file

CFPB-2012-0034-0001_Reg_X.pdf Download this file

201208_cfpb_summaries_proposed_rules-consumers.pdf Download this file

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